As entrepreneurs, we are focused on changing the world through impactful software solutions, and we're looking for exceptional people to join us. We're assembling a team of extraordinarily talented individuals, to tackle complex problems centered on technology and usability of the Web’s social-sphere. Our team is small, specialized and we thrive on quick communication in an environment where everyone has ownership and input into decisions.

We’re looking for individuals with:

  • Passion for technology, users and end user experience
  • Zero patience for today’s counterproductive technology
  • Creatively fearless when challenged outside your comfort zone
  • Extremely hardworking, always focused on tackling the problem – as a startup we all put in long productive hours
  • Willing to learn, admit when wrong and apply superstar skills in any role to address the issues
  • Obsession for Social Media systems and the future of the Internet
  • Knowledge of culture, science, sports or other topics beyond ‘Software’ – we like to learn more than just code from each other.
  • Humor and a personality that is outgoing , as well as, an inspiration to others
  • Passion for technology, users and end user experience
  • Passion for technology, users and end user experience

As part of our team you’ll be:

  • Building out the next generation Social Media platform
  • Developing complex algorithms to collect, analyze and normalize data based on user interaction
  • Solving complex engineering problems to optimize and iterate product features
  • Working with the founding team (CEO and other amazing engineers) to develop and design product roadmap and feature sets
  • Contributing to the team’s Technical and Design Blog
  • Changing the world … one code complete at a time

Your Qualifications:

  • Amazing Software Engineer or UI / UX Designer, and most people would agree with this statement
  • A portfolio showcasing Web Solutions or Designs built using emerging technologies with a focus on creativity, usability and an entrepreneurial drive.
  • Master of, or willing to learn, the latest development and design tools – We develop using Ruby on Rails and Java, we design with Photoshop, Flex, and will be scaling to new technologies as the product matures.
  • Strong desire to build amazing emerging web solutions usable on any platform, solving problems that have never been solved before


  • Great cash comp & equity – We aren’t afraid to pay for top talent
  • Be a core part of the founding team as we bring together some of the smartest engineers.
  • Desire to be an early employee and want to be a real owner of the company’s future
  • All levels of experiences should apply (0-25+ years experience)
  • Opportunity to live and work and travel in North America
  • Claim responsibility for developing a trail blazing new service

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Specific Roles

Backend Software Engineer

Frontend Software Engineer

UI/UX Designer

Backend Software Engineer (Apply):

  • Design a robust backend built to deal with copious amounts of data efficiently
  • Utilize the LAMP stack to test, develop design and deploy system apps

Technologies we expect you to have experience or knowledge of :

  • Development: Ruby, Perl, PHP, Python, Java.
  • Server: Client-Server Development, Scaling and Performance techniques
  • Linux, PHP, Apache, MySQL, SQL

Front End Software Engineer (Apply):

  • Develop Rich Interface Applications, owning all cycles from dev to test to release.
  • Study usage data, iterate and deploy features in real time - based on user feedback, data analysis and improved performance.

Technologies we expect you to have experience or knowledge of :

  • Development: Ruby, Java, Flex (Web Applications), Flash - integration with server side technologies (DBs and WebServices).
  • UI: MXML and Actionscript based model binding.
  • Linux, PHP, Apache, MySQL, SQL

UI/UX Designer (Apply):

  • Create stellar designs and then churn them out into XHTML + CSS based layouts.
  • Create PHP templates from XHTML + CSS based layouts

Technology we expect you to have experience or knowledge of :

  • Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Silverlight.
  • Web: XHTML, CSS
  • User: Optimized design (coloring, imaging) techniques and user flows directed towards attention / interaction retention
  • Development: Javascript, PHP, Ruby, ASP.NET

Contact Us

With offices in Canada, United States and India, we’re kinda awake at all times and love fan mail, hate mail or rather any kind of reach out, write to us at