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We are a small team of entrepreneurs - engineers, technologists and marketers focused on building the next generation Web solutions centered on complex technology, usability and business problems. Working on what has never been done before, we're solving problems that have been open for years.

In mid 2009, inspired by the need to create something different for South Asians, a few of us came together to start theorizing about how to shake up the dating scene. We had seen countless sites catering to the mainstream market, and the sites for us were out-dated, stale and just plain "". So rather than conform and complain about the norm, we decide to create a fresh approach to the South Asian Dating scene.

Today TwoMangoes.com brings together the best of usability and design, while creating a non-invasive approach to dating South Asian professionals. We're starting with a Beta launch in US and Canada, mid 2010, with plans of eventual

TwoMangoes is based out of basements offices in Toronto and San Francisco and are looking to expand to cool locations, London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore and Sydney - let's face it, us Brown people are everywhere! Check us out on ,, blog or drop us a line (email to )! And maybe even consider joining us?